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Why we love asynchronous brainstorming for client collaboration

May 15, 2024

In the era of remote work, synchronous meetings are not always practical. Asynchronous brainstorming offers a solution that can enhance client collaboration, fostering creativity and teamwork. Let's explore the benefits of this approach.

Diving into the world of async brainstorming

What is actually asynchronous brainstorming? It's an innovative approach to brainstorming that allows team members to share ideas and collaborate without needing to be in the same place at the same time.

Asynchronous brainstorming lets team members share ideas on their own time and location, without needing to be together or participate simultaneously. Unlike traditional brainstorming, it's flexible, letting people contribute whenever it suits them.

In this type of brainstorming, you can take your time to think about and ponder ideas before sharing them. This removes the pressure of having to respond right away, fostering deeper and more creative thinking. It's also great for introverted team members who prefer to contribute without the pressure of live discussions.

Another cool thing about asynchronous brainstorming is how we use technology to collaborate. With online platforms, team members can easily share ideas, comment on each other's thoughts, and build on existing ones. No more messy whiteboards or sticky notes – it's all organized and structured online!

Why async brainstorming rocks for working with clients

Here's why async brainstorming is a game-changer for working with clients:

  • More people, more ideas: async brainstorming lets team members jump in whenever works best for them. This means everyone, no matter their schedule or time zone, gets a fair chance to share their thoughts and ideas.

  • More creative ideas: async brainstorming gives team members the freedom to think deeply and come up with innovative ideas. There's no rush, so they can explore fresh and out-of-the-box thinking without feeling pressured to respond right away.

  • Better focus, better results: async brainstorming cuts out distractions and interruptions, letting team members concentrate on their ideas without any disruptions. This focused approach leads to increased productivity and higher-quality output.

  • Everyone can join: async brainstorming caters to different communication styles. It's a fair space for introverted folks who prefer writing over talking. Plus, it gives everyone enough time to share ideas and give feedback, making collaboration more inclusive and thorough.

Recommended platforms for asynchronous brainstorming

Here's a range of tools and platforms to make asynchronous brainstorming a breeze:

  • Online collaboration tools: Platforms like Trello, Asana, and Microsoft Teams provide features specifically designed for asynchronous brainstorming. These tools allow team members to create virtual boards, share ideas, comment on others' contributions, and organize the brainstorming process.

  • Document collaboration tools: Tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word enable real-time collaboration on documents, making it easy for team members to contribute and provide feedback asynchronously. These tools also offer features like comments and track changes, which enhance the brainstorming and collaboration experience.

  • Idea management software: Dedicated idea management software, such as Ideanote and IdeaScale offer specialized features for asynchronous brainstorming. This platform provides a structured framework for idea generation, evaluation, and implementation, making the brainstorming process more efficient and effective.

  • Communication platforms: Instant messaging tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams can also be used for asynchronous brainstorming. Team members can create dedicated channels or threads to share ideas, discuss them asynchronously, and collaborate effectively.

    A new tool that revolutionizes the way you brainstorm is Idea Morph. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Idea Morph empowers you to generate ideas and transform them into actionable solutions, all on your own schedule. Sign up for free here.

Best practices for implementing async brainstorming

To ensure successful implementation of asynchronous brainstorming in client collaboration, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Clear communication: Make sure everyone knows the purpose and goals of the asynchronous brainstorming process. Set expectations for participation, timelines, and desired outcomes to keep everyone aligned.

  • Guidelines and prompts: Offer clear guidelines and prompts to aid team members in generating ideas and directing their brainstorming efforts. This might involve posing specific questions or presenting problem statements to guide their thinking and ensure alignment with the client's objectives.

  • Diverse perspectives: Emphasize the importance of diverse perspectives and encourage team members to think outside the box. Create an environment that welcomes and values different ideas and viewpoints, promoting a culture of inclusivity and creativity.

  • Promote collaboration and feedback: Encourage team members to actively engage with each other's ideas by offering feedback, suggestions, and building upon existing contributions. This collaborative approach nurtures a sense of collective ownership and enriches the brainstorming process.

  • Establish clear timelines and milestones: Define clear timelines and milestones to ensure that the asynchronous brainstorming process remains focused and progresses effectively. This helps to manage expectations, track progress, and ensure timely delivery of ideas and solutions.

  • Review and evaluate outcomes: Once the asynchronous brainstorming process is complete, dedicate time to review and evaluate the outcomes. Identify the most promising ideas and develop a plan for their implementation. Acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of team members to encourage future participation and engagement.

Case study showcasing successful client collaboration through asynchronous brainstorming

Let's explore a real-world example that highlight the effectiveness of this collaborative method using Idea Morph:

KenMoo LTD is a Facebook group offering lifetime deals on software apps. Users get lifelong access to apps, while founders gain a large community of early adopters for feedback and funding.

To enhance the community's value, Idea Morph launched an open challenge for all members to brainstorm ideas for improving the KenMoo experience.

The challenge aimed to enhance the community experience, provide more value, and foster engagement among users. To spice things up, we offered 20 LTDs as rewards for the most creative ideas.

The giveaway was launched on December 19, 2023, right before Christmas, and it quickly caught the attention of our members, sparking lively discussions with a whopping 162 comments!

Now, let's talk results! The community users truly amazed us:

  • 249 ideas were generated by 70 participants.

  • One standout user, Derek Gross, contributed a whopping 37 ideas!

  • It's not just about quantity, but quality too. Derek was not only the most prolific idea generator but also received the most votes for his ideas. Congratulations, Derek! Keep on rocking!

When it comes to the ideas generated, one exercise stood out: Worst Possible Ideas.

Here are some highlights:

  • Giving out Ken Moo's personal cell phone number.

  • Publicly naming the person you dislike the most.

  • Allowing creators complete freedom to create events and video reviews.

  • Ken Moo sharing photos of his breakfast daily.

  • Offering fewer giveaways, freebies, and content.

  • Setting up a virtual fortune-telling booth to predict SaaS product success.

Asynchronous brainstorming offers a flexible and efficient way for client collaboration. By allowing team members to contribute ideas on their own schedule, it promotes creativity and ensures all voices are heard. Embracing this approach can lead to more innovative solutions and stronger client relationships. Make the shift to asynchronous brainstorming today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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