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Context description

The banking industry is constantly evolving, technology wise and increasing customer expectations.

One of the key challenges faced by banks is to stay relevant and provide innovative solutions in a highly competitive market. By involving customers in the co-creation process, the bank aimed to gain valuable insights and feedback that would help them create offerings that truly meet the needs and preferences of their customers. 

To address this challenge, a 100% digital bank decided to leverage the power of co-creation.

So, we set out in Idea Morph a co-creation organisation, called by the client a co-creation community.

The challenge was to create an engaging calendar of projects, both Idea Generation projects and also only Voting Projects with the purpose to get as much feedback and valuable ideas from customers.


Objective of the platform

The main objectives of the platform are:

  • create a sense of ownership and engagement among customers by giving them a voice in shaping the future of the bank 

  • gain insights into their customer's preferences, pain points, and expectations. This would enable the bank to create products and services that are tailored to the needs of their customers, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • build stronger relationships with customers and create a community of loyal customers who feel valued and heard.

Results really rocked

The results so far exceeded everyone's expectations and it's also related to the great clientele and go to market strategy of the bank:

▪️ in 2 hours: 700 ideas across 7 projects, by 800 customers 🏎️

▪️ 2 weeks: 2300 users and over 5000 ideas 🚀

▪️ 5' average time spent by users in the platform (corroborated with the number of ideas, this points out to a fast and easy to use experience)

▪️ battle among users to be in the leaderboards: 2 users generated more than 150 ideas over 2 weeks 🏆

▪️ 60% on mobile (ideas are captured everywhere) 📱


Maximilian P.

"I liked how easy it is to write ideas, as the platform provided a seamless and user-friendly experience that allowed me to express my thoughts and suggestions effortlessly."

Diana C.

"I appreciate the platform for strengthening my relationship with my bank, as it gave me a direct channel to share my feedback and ideas, making me feel valued and heard as a customer."

Teo Z.

"I enjoyed seeing my ideas being voted on by other users, which made me become more confident in my ideas"


Idea Morph's approach for successful co-creation platforms

Organisations in Idea Morph work like the central point of brainstorming between a company and its client's, in this case.

As for any co-creation platform to be become successful, it needs to be engaging, rewarding and easy to use. 

In co-creation platforms offered by Idea Morph, besides the creative process fuelling any Ideation Project, we have developed mechanisms that keep users engaged:

1. Leaderboards on the co-creation platform drive engagement and competition, motivating users to contribute more ideas and creating a sense of community. They highlight each individual's value in shaping the digital bank's future. 

There's several types of leaderboards, the most important being the top of users who generated the most ideas and also, a more qualitative one, a top of the most voted users

2. Gamification - rewards users with badges for participating, driving engagement and a competitivity. This approach incentivises users to contribute actively, enhancing the user experience and sense of community.

3. Announcements - a section in which the company, the Bank in this case, can announce it's users of latest rewards, news, latest projects that need fast input  and so on. 

4. Personal profile -  users have personalized profiles showcasing their contributions and achievements. These profiles highlight their creativity and dedication, as well as reward them with badges for valuable input. Users can see the idea that received the most votes, demonstrating their impact within the community and motivating continued participation in shaping the digital bank's future.

5. Diversification of projects - ok, we know it by now, not all the time companies need ideas, sometimes they also need just clients' preferences. Put it simple: you know already what customers asked for, it's just you still haven't figured out the priority of those things.

For that we created projects exactly for that - JUST VOTING. Meaning the company's admins create a projects with let's say 10 features that need to be prioritise. So users have only one thing, give votes to these features.

Stats and insights


participants who joined the platform


ideas generated

5' avg

time spent by participants in the platform


to get to 300 ideas


mobile usage

top 5

users with more than 100 ideas

All great experiences start from an idea

All great experiences

start from an idea

All great experiences start from an idea

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